UCF art students and alumni are known for having an important visual impact on the community. UCF’s latest partnership with TD Bank is once again offering students and alumni the chance to put their artwork on display.

“The Colors of Orlando: Prismatic” mural in SODO, done by Christian Stanley ’11.

TD Bank hired alumnus Christian Stanley ’11, who graduated with a BFA in graphic design, to paint a mural on the exterior of the company’s newest building in SODO, entitled “The Colors of Orlando: Prismatic” — which features two swans bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors as a nod to the symbol of Orlando and the city’s LGBTQ+ community (pictured left).

More recently, TD Bank selected 10 pieces of artwork done by School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) students for public display in their newest branch on campus (pictured above). Featured student and alumni artists include Angie Benitez Garcia, Christina Goldstein ’21, Danielle Culibao Powell ’17 ‘21MFA, Eli Dreyfuss, Lucy West ’21, Nadia Zomorodian, Sheherazade Thenard ’18, Simona Wiig ’21, Weston Throckmorton and Jesse Fonseca.

“The TD Bank and UCF School of Visual Arts and Design partnership provides a unique professional development opportunity for our students,” shares Shannon Lindsey, director of the UCF Art Gallery. “This partnership demonstrates TD Bank’s support of the students as artists actively creating and contributing to visual culture by reflecting their individual and unique identities, perspectives and experiences.”

As part of the partnership, TD Bank is also supporting aspiring artists in the College of Arts and Humanities as an Ambassador, one of the college’s two Dean’s Societies. Ambassadors support the dean’s vision and goals through a five-year commitment to philanthropy of $5,000 or more each year for five years. Donors who support the college with a gift of $1,000 or more each year for five years are honored as Friends of the college.

Pictured: Artwork done by 10 SVAD students and alumni on display in TD Bank’s campus branch.


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