The UCF Challenge

Philanthropy for Lasting Change



You want to make a difference, a lasting impact.

Whether it is by creating access to education for the future scientists, teachers, engineers, business leaders or artists; building a program that offers mental health support for veterans; or accelerating research that may find a cure for cancer, you want to make the world a better place.

Through your hard work and success, you are positioned to consider making a transformative gift that will continue in perpetuity. Creating an endowment ensures that the difference you want to make will provide benefits for generations to come.

In a world that moves at lightning speed, the importance of an endowment may be overshadowed by gifts that offer immediate impact. Donors must wait for their endowed funds to produce spendable earnings before awards to the chosen academic or athletic programs or student scholarships can begin.

Recognizing this, the University of Central Florida is making a bold, strategic move — launching THE UCF CHALLENGE: Philanthropy for Lasting Change.  Through this limited-time program, the university will co-invest with donors like you, increasing your gift’s impact and allowing you to see the impact of your philanthropy in months, not years.

Donors who make outright gifts and commitments (fully funded within five years) applied to one or more of the following three critical areas can see their gifts grow in value and impact:

Student Success
At UCF, student success and retention is everyone’s job. The creation of new endowments focused on supporting high-impact experiences and student services across UCF will enhance the student experience while improving student retention and degree completion to drive social mobility. Examples of areas of greatest need include the Knight’s Leadership Academy, the UCF Cares Fund and student emergency funds.
Scholars’ Programs

At UCF we feel strongly that the more people pursuing their dreams, the better it is for all of us. Philanthropy provides the margin of excellence in our mission to advance access and opportunity, providing pathways to and through college for all students. The creation of new scholars’ programs will provide educational access and scholarships for an extraordinarily diverse population of students who might not otherwise arrive and thrive at UCF. In some cases, living expenses and travel abroad stipends may be included.

UCF Foundation

Faculty Excellence Positions

The creation of new endowed faculty positions — such as deanships, chairs, professorships and post-doctoral fellowships — will help UCF attract high-quality faculty who drive world class research. These endowments also help retain the university’s most promising and distinguished faculty members, who positively affect the student experience and improve UCF’s performance on several key criteria in U.S. News & World Report national college rankings.
UCF Foundation

Sabrina Rodriguez ’19 received two donor-funded completion grants in her final semester: the Hubbard-Pond Student Success Grant and the Knights Success Grant.

“[Graduation] wouldn’t have happened without this help. I had absolutely no way of paying tuition. I thought a lot about giving up. [It] meant everything to me.”

Accelerating the Impact of Endowment Gifts 

The university will provide annual spendable funds during the five years following the year the gift is received to allow time for the endowment to grow. The university funds will be transferred to a spendable account in the fiscal year following the receipt of the gift or the first pledge payment. For pledges, further transfers by the university will be made, provided pledge payments are current.

Customized Plans for Endowment Gifts starting at $1 Million

Donors who wish to commit $1 million or more may be eligible to have the impact of their gift further amplified. Please discuss the possibilities and opportunities with your development officer so a customized, individual plan can be crafted that addresses your priorities and philanthropic goals.

UCF Foundation

Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Professor and Agere Chair, Computer Science, College of Engineering and Computer Science.

“Donations from individuals as well as foundations have enabled me to pursue bold new initiatives.”

Invest for tomorrow. Create impact today.

The following table illustrates how your gift can make an impact far beyond your initial investment:

Initial Donor Investment UCF Co-investment Est. Value
(Over 5 yrs)*
Total Gift Impact**
$250,000 $50,000 $300,000
$500,000 $100,000 $600,000
$1 Million $200,000 $1.2 Million
$1.5 Million $300,000 $1.8 Million
$2 Million $400,000 $2.4 Million
$2.5 Million $500,000 $3 Million

*Represents current UCF spending policy of 4%.
**Not inclusive of market growth.

More information

If you would like more information about how you can build a lasting legacy with perpetual impact, please contact your development officer or Kathleen Hagerty, Assistant Vice President of Gift Planning 407-882-1237 or [email protected]

A printable PDF of this form can be accessed here.

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