Nationally recognized as a top-ranked public institution, UCF is committed to building the university for the future by unleashing the potential of people and ideas to positively change the world.

Join us and thousands of like-minded UCF donors who recognize the power and promise of higher education. You can make a difference.

Student Scholarships

Help remove financial barriers to achieving a degree. Student scholarships make it possible for students to continue their education when they may not otherwise be able to afford it. Scholarships also allow UCF to attract academic superstars who may have many college options available to them. 

Meet Cierra Turner, who has received scholarships thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

Knights Athletics

Celebrate the momentum that our athletics teams have built. With your continued support, the best is yet to come. Keep student athletes charging on — inside and outside of class.

Meet Kiera Brown, a student-athlete majoring in psychology.

Academic COlleges

Put your gift to work by supporting one of our 13 colleges. Ensure students have an engaging and exciting learning environment that drives their ambition and passion. 

Meet Daniela Garcia ’21, an interdisciplinary studies in education major, who talks about the impact of a UCF degree.

Student Experience

Promote student involvement on- and off-campus. With 650+ student clubs and organizations, you can support experiences from career-focused clubs to life-changing trips and service learning activities.

Meet Christina Adams, a student majoring in advertising/public relations, and learn about her UCF campus experience.


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Donor Spotlight

Meet some of our donors and learn why they give to UCF.

Are you a donor with questions? Please contact: [email protected]

We don’t want [access to fewer financial opportunities] to stand in the way of living out the full potential of what was the greatest four years of a learning experience for so many of us.

Bianca Deslouches ’11

Opportunity lifts the recipient, but it also lifts the entire generation. I hope this [Notarantonio Endowed Nursing] scholarship provides the net for someone to take that leap into a brighter future.

Rosemary Notarantonio '81

Accessible green spaces make our communities more vibrant and livable. We are proud to work with UCF to support the UCF Arboretum and its programming.

Nick Miceli

Regional President for Florida Metro at TD Bank and Board Chair, TD Charitable Foundation

Contributing to student scholarships means helping [students] succeed on the path to life-changing degrees — and investing in our community, where many of them will pursue their careers and raise their families.

Beverly J. Seay

Immediate Past Chair, UCF Board of Trustees

When you look at the different ways you can use money to make a difference, I don’t know if there is a higher return on investment [than philanthropy] — you change someone’s life and you change the lives that person interacts with. That’s huge impact.

Jeff Moore

Dean, UCF College of Arts and Humanities

I give back so I can continue to open opportunities to generations of students — my passion is to invest in the future through education.

Mark Plaumann '74 '79MBA

Establishing the D’Amato-Kubiet Family Endowed Scholarship makes my soul feel good. It is a joy and a privilege to give students the opportunity to become professional nurses.

Leslee A. D'Amato-Kubiet '13PhD

Site Coordinator, UCF Daytona Beach Nursing Program

We have made other charitable contributions over the years, but creating the [Fluman-Rettig Scholarship for First-Generation Students] is the most meaningful gift I have ever made in my life. UCF has given me more than I could ever give back.

Amy Fluman Rettig '89

We are evolving toward a better future, and with our donations, UCF can continue our shared mission to impact positive change and empowerment through knowledge and opportunity.

Thais Lopez Vogel

Co-Founder and Trustee, VoLo Foundation

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