Why Support



Giving back impacts the lives of current and future Knights. Your generosity unleashes potential and inspires excellence. It expands access to higher education and helps make it affordable. You — our alumni, friends and corporate partners — play a vital role in making a difference. Together, we can transform 21st-century higher education and generate large-scale, positive effects on our students and our society. 

You Believe in the Power of Higher Education

Earning a college degree transforms lives. It shapes the future — career opportunities, aspirations, community engagement and so much more. When you believe in students, they believe in themselves. Take the opportunity to impact students of all backgrounds and share in their excitement of promise and possibility as they embark on their journey at UCF and beyond.

You Want to Help Others Achieve a Degree

Affordability is key for many students when enrolling in and completing their college degree. Many students balance work and classes and some often support their families while navigating being the first in their family to attend college. Your support can make a difference in helping them stay focused on their studies and earn a degree. It can create positive change for generations.

You Want to Leave a Mark on Our Community

UCF helps propel the Central Florida community forward. Your gift supports both new and current programs, cutting-edge research, as well as innovative academic tools and resources that spur discoveries and economic development. Each of these contributes to a successful society. As our region continues to grow and expand, you can help ensure that students receive the quality training and education needed to be the talented workforce that will shape the future of business in Central Florida and beyond.

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