Areas of Support



Support an area that’s most meaningful to you and we’ll put your dollars to work. Help fund student scholarships. Give back to an academic college. Show your spirit through donations to athletic funds. No matter your reason for giving, we have an almost endless number of funds for you to consider supporting.

Areas of Support

Student Highlight

Sabrina Rodriguez ’19 almost didn’t make it. Just about the time she finished her associate degree at Seminole State College and moved on to UCF via DirectConnect to UCF, her father lost the job he’d held for 17 years. Sabrina took fewer classes per semester, got a job to help pay the family bills, and took out loans for tuition and books. But she kept going, working toward her goal of being the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Then, in the summer of 2019, with just one semester to go, she got a letter saying she’d maxed out her student loans and couldn’t borrow any more. She had no income, no access to loans, and her parents couldn’t help. 

She found out about completion grants – one-time grants that help good students who are within a semester of graduation make it across the finish line when they have exhausted all other payment options. She applied and got two. Combined, they covered tuition and fees for her final semester and she graduated in December of 2019. “It wouldn’t have happened without that help,” she says. “I had absolutely no way of paying tuition. I thought a lot about giving up. This means everything to me.”

Knights Athletics

Celebrate the momentum that our athletics teams have built. With your continued support, the best is yet to come. Keep student athletes charging on — inside and outside of class.

Faculty Enhancement

Contribute to a healthier and more vibrant society. UCF faculty members help UCF expand its program offerings and adapt to the new fields of study and career paths that are emerging every day.

Campus Facilities

Meet the needs of a growing Knight population. Your gift will build a strong foundation for our future, including state-of-the-art facilities that fuel imagination to do great things.

Academic Colleges

Put your gift to work by supporting one of our 13 colleges. Ensure students have an engaging and exciting learning environment that drives their ambition and passion.

Student Scholarships

Help remove financial barriers to achieving a degree. Student scholarships make it possible for students to continue their education when they may not otherwise be able to afford it. Scholarships also allow UCF to attract academic superstars who may have many college options available to them.

Student Experience

Promote student involvement on- and off-campus. With 650+ student clubs and organizations, you can support experiences from career-focused clubs to life-changing trips and service learning activities.

Other Programs

Shine a light on all areas of the university. High-achieving students, top-performing athletes and world-class faculty are only a small part of the UCF picture. There’s a whole world of good work happening out of the spotlight all over campus and many areas need your support. Not sure where to give? We can help.

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