Polaris-level donors have recently unleashed our potential by:

Setting the stage for our student-athletes to shine by funding the facilities, programs, staff and scholarships they need to be champions on and off the field.


Pegasus-level donors have made countless impacts including:

Investing in first-generation student scholarships – powering up these pioneering students’ futures in remarkable ways and transforming their families for generations to come.


Orion-level donors have helped us move forward this year by:

Unleashing innovation for student entrepreneurs in disciplines across campus through the UpStarts Student Venture Accelerator.


The impact of Sirius-level donors shines throughout our university including:

Keeping our Marching Knights performance ready with a well-maintained Band Practice Facility that allows them to inspire pride and showcase the spirit of the Knight Nation.


We honor and celebrate the recent impacts of Gemini-level donors:

Providing students and faculty with chances to grow as citizens and scholars of the world through UCF Global’s international engagement program.

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