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The purpose of the UCF Advancement and Partnerships Core Values Award is to recognize, appreciate and celebrate outstanding achievements of selected UCF Advancement and Partnerships employees. Any UCF Advancement and Partnerships employee who has experience with an employee’s exceptional job performance is encouraged to make nominations.

The candidate chosen for these awards will be announced at the UCF Advancement and Partnerships End of Year Celebration in June, and the employee will receive $1,000, lunch with leadership and other Core Values Award recipients, and a personalized award.

All nominations must be received through the Employee Engagement & Recognition Committee Online Portal no later than 5:00pm, Thursday, May 25, 2023. To create a fair and unbiased process, the nominees will be reviewed by the Employee Engagement & Recognition Committee (EERC), comprised of 11 members from across UCF Advancement and Partnerships departments, to determine a winner for each award.

There are many employees who work very hard every day and routinely meet or exceed expectations. This award is designed to recognize those employees who truly stand out among their peers within UCF Advancement and Partnerships.

UCF Core Values Award Eligibility Criteria   

  • The nominee must be a UCF Advancement and Partnerships employee. 
  • The nominee must have a minimum of one (1) year of continuous Advancement and Partnerships service. 
  • The nominee’s contributions should exceed those that are expected of the employee during the normal course of performing his/her duties. 
  • Nominees may receive each award a maximum of one (1) time every three (3) years
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Human Resources will confirm an employee’s recent performance is acceptable and employee is not on a Performance Improvement Plan. 
  • Nominees who are serving on the EERC committee are eligible to receive an award but will be excluded from that award’s nomination review process. 


For each award category the nominator will be asked to describe and quantify how the nominee’s performance or special accomplishments have impacted the university. The EERC committee will review responses and rank the nominee on the rubric scale, giving them a 1-5 score.   

The three awards are:

  • Integrity Award
  • Inclusivity Award
  • Excellence & Partnership Award


Integrity Award

We embody the highest ethical and professional standards 

Purpose: Awarded to the UCF Advancement and Partnerships employee who has contributed above and beyond those expected of the employee during the normal course of performing their duties and consistently acts with integrity.  

   What to look for: 

  • Someone who always does the right thing, regardless of popularity. 
  • Unwavering commitment to maintaining an ethical work environment. 
  • Demonstrated actions that resulted in improved departmental/university performance, enhanced operations, or increased service to donors, prospects, and employees.
  • Someone who sees the positives in change and can help others see that too.  
  • Some examples on how to quantify: 
    • Reducing the numbers of errors for processes by % 
    • Data Integrity  
    • Story/example highlighted ethical decision making 

UCF Foundation

Inclusivity Award

We promote an open, diverse, and supportive environment by respecting the rights and contributions of every individual. 

Purpose: Awarded to the UCF Advancement and Partnerships employee who is a champion for (DEI) diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.  

 What to look for: 

  • Promotes the representation and participation of diverse groups of individuals, including people of different ages, races and ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, genders, religions, cultures, and sexual orientation. 
  • Ensures that processes are impartial, fair and provide equal outcomes for every individual. 
  • Fosters and encourages an open environment. 
  • Promotes policies and practices that invite and reinforce inclusiveness.
  • Extending a welcoming work environment and fostering a sense of belonging to the individual’s workplace and UCF community. 
  • Some examples on how to quantify: 
    • Diversity across Organization, Chapter, Club, Board, or Volunteers vs. Application Pool – are we hiring diverse members? How has the nominee improved this process?
    • Increase employee or donor satisfaction — measure how employees, volunteers, or donors feel with their role. What inclusivity initiatives did nominee introduce and improve?
    • DEI Training or Presentations 

UCF Foundation

excellence & partnership award

We pursue the highest standards of performance. 

We collaborate with the community, alumni, donors, and friends who share our commitment to UCF. 

Purpose: Awarded to the Advancement and Partnerships employee who has strived for the highest standard of performance and met or exceeded all measure metrics or job responsibilities and exemplifies collaboration in their work and creates opportunities to connect across the university. 

  What to look for:

  • Exemplify leadership in facilitating partnerships with internal and external employees, organizations, donors and/or prospects. 
  • Demonstrated willingness to take on additional responsibilities outside of their job description.
  • Works effectively with internal and external campus partners to achieve goals.
  • Represents UCF Advancement and Partnerships as a best practice organization while engaging university and industry colleagues.
  • Some examples on how to quantify:
    • Average response time to resolve an issue once it is opened 
    • Amount of time, resources and stewardship invested in partnerships 
    • The impact received from partnerships, leads or referrals

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